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Turning the page on ERP applications for the shipping industry

A new approach for ease of use, visibility and compliance

Modern and user friendly

Based on years of experience

Works with existing infrastructure

Shiplex ERP

Shiplex ERP combines simplicity in User eXperience with a powerful data-driven backend to help manage any shipping business without the need for outdated software.  

It provides full flexibility since each module can function independently or in combination with other modules as well as pre-existing data and systems. It includes extended reporting capabilities with included reports or by utilizing Microsoft Power BI

Noon Reports

Voyage Planning & Tracking
Port DAs
Seafarer Portal

Shiplex ERP supports both on-premises and cloud (Microsoft Azure) deployments and is fully integrated with Signal Ocean Platform

Shiplex CRMS

Shiplex CRMS is an ERP module that can also function as a standalone Crew Management System.

It features state of the art planning functionality facilitating the process of crew scheduling for multiple vessels, ranks and seafarer, targeting Marine Personnel departments across the shipping industry. It provides an extended planning time-frame while in parallel satisfying the increasingly complex regulatory, legal and quality constraints on vessel crews.

Crew Scheduling
Plan Validations
Crew change workflows
OnSigners / OffSigners

Seafarer Profiles
Recruitment process
Master Data Integration
Briefing / Debriefing

Shiplex Vessel Forms

Shiplex Vessel Forms is an end-to-end form automation solution for processes that involve both the office and the fleet.

It can be used for handling all kinds of maritime forms (Speed, Detention and Deviation statements, Undesired Event forms, Bridge forms, ISM related forms, checklists, inspection findings etc.) including the workflow between the departments and the fleet as well as periodicities and pendencies.

Centralized form handling
Validation and Data Quality logic
Form Versioning and Auditing
Multiple Office & Vessel Roles

Encrypted communications
Overview Dashboards

Shiplex eSMS

Shiplex eSMS can replicate a complete document structure (Manuals, Operational Bulletins, Safety Documentation etc.) from the office to the vessels. The source can be either a file server or a SharePoint library structure. Documents are synced to the vessels conditionally based on parameters (such as the vessel class or type) and are searchable through their properties but also through the actual content.

Documents are transformed to HTML and support:

  • Per section approvals and change proposals
  • Indication of changes from the last version or the last voyage
  • Auditing